Hand-painted letterpress horse print by Chandler O'Leary
Hand-painted letterpress horse print by Chandler O'LearyHand-painted letterpress horse print by Chandler O'Leary

Lipizzaner letterpress print


This small, sweet art piece is perfect for framing, and makes an excellent gift for a horse lover! Hand-printed and painted in a limited edition.

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Product Description

An original, hand-printed, hand-painted letterpress print—this is not a reproduction! This piece is part of the “Hold Your Horses” series, which depicts a variety of iconic horse breeds. (You can read more about the project on the blog.) There are 12 different designs in the series; you can find them all here.

This print depicts a white Lipizzaner horse. The Lipizzaner, first bred in the 16th Century, is the breed most often used by the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The highly-trained Lipizzaner is used in public performances to demonstrate dressage and other riding techniques. The iconic “white” horses are actually grays—born black or dark gray, their coats fade in color as they age. By the time the horses reach ten years of age, they are almost totally white. In this print, the horse is shown performing the “levade,” a difficult movement where the horse stands on its hind legs at a 30-degree angle. Depicted behind the horse is another Austrian icon: the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

This artwork was letterpress printed by hand on an antique Vandercook No. 4 press, on 100% rag (cotton) paper. Each print in the edition was then painstakingly hand-painted with watercolor. Each print is numbered, signed and dated.

Edition of 57 prints
Print size: 5 x 6 inches (12.7 x 15.2 cm)

This piece was printed in a limited edition, so once the edition sells out, it will not be reprinted. So snag your copy while you can!


This original artwork is copyright Chandler O’Leary 2012. Copyright is not transferable with the sale of this print. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

This print is packaged in a clear poly sleeve and will ship flat in a protective mailer via United States Postal Service. WA state residents are subject to sales tax.


Additional Information

Print size

This small print is 5 x 6 inches (12.7 x 15.2 cm) in size.

Print type

Original letterpress print. Hand-printed on a Vandercook press, and then individually hand-painted with watercolor.

Paper type

Magnani Revere printmaking paper; fiber content is 100% rag (cotton) and completely acid-free and archival. For ease of handling, print is packaged in an archival poly sleeve.

Edition size

57 prints. Prints are signed and numbered as part of a limited edition. This letterpress edition will never be reprinted; once the numbered prints sell out, they’re gone for good.


This print is individually hand-painted with watercolor. Because of this, no two prints in the edition are precisely alike. Please allow for slight differences and color variations from what is pictured here.

Display info

Prints are unframed. The illustration is centered on the page, with a small amount of white space surrounding the image. This print was made from the best archival paper, inks and watercolor pigments available. Any piece of artwork can fade if displayed improperly, however; for best results, display your print away from direct sunlight.

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